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Discover the benefits of speedier page loads with our image optimization tools, individually customized for website owners, developers, and designers. Explore the advantages of our fast-loading, high-quality image compression technology.


Why should I compress images?

Image files from sources like professional DSLR cameras or smartphones can be quite large, occupying significant storage space. Compressing images helps in reducing file sizes, making them more manageable and freeing up storage.

How does the image compressor work?

This tool utilizes lossy compression for PNG, JPG/JPEG, and Webp files. You can upload up to 20 images of different types simultaneously. The server intelligently analyzes and reduces images to the smallest file size without compromising quality. Users can adjust compression rates using a quality slider and download a ZIP file with all compressed images.

Is it safe to compress images?

Absolutely. Your original files remain untouched, allowing you to retry if needed. Additionally, our system automatically purges all data after one hour, ensuring the security of your information. There's no cost associated with using our service, and you can use the tool as many times as necessary.